Texting and driving: The new killer.

Today we look into a trend we wish we didn’t have to, but sadly, it’s on the rise. Texting and driving. Now statistically as big a killer as drinking and driving, texting whilst behind the wheel has been attributed for many incidents as shown with the young boy in the advert below. This advert is the latest clip in yet another campaign to convey this worrying message that many drivers in the UK continue to ignore.

Shocking Statistics

200 drivers are caught texting and driving in the UK everyday

As of March 2017 text drivers can be fined £200 and see 6 points added to their license

23% of UK drivers admit to using their mobile phone while driving


Video campaigns like these are beginning to reach out to many people. Hopefully we can start seeing a decline in mobile phone related accidents on our streets very soon. This is something that needs to be addressed and if it helps reduce the problem of mobile phone use whilst driving, then it’s reached its purpose.

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