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Remani Love Project

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Remani Love, the founder of Remani Love project, is a Writer and Filmmaker who creates content for the purposes of self-expression, healing and greater self-awareness. Remani came to me needing a simple and easy to manage online solution for her personal brand. Read on to find out how I delivered this web development project.

The Brief:

Having already used WordPress for her website before, Remani was keen to stick with this popular system used by millions due to its friendly interface.

However, Remani also mentioned that she wanted something bespoke, so she wasn’t restricted by a theme meaning she could grow her website along with her brand.

The purpose of the website was to provide Remani with a platform to share her amazing work in the film industry. It needed to incorporate her existing logo with a minimalist style. The documentary maker also has a passion for writing so she needed a powerful blogging solution too!

All in all, this website needed to look good, perform robustly whilst being easy to maintain and scale – saving Remani thousands of pounds in maintenance and re-development costs.


The result was a clean website beautifully connecting Remani’s work from across social media into one central location. Dynamically updating itself as she uploads to YouTube or Instagram, it saves Remani a lot of ‘double-work.’

The website allows Remani to easily add/edit/remove pages, text, images etc as she needs. This is an easy to use website so that users can find the relevant information with minimal effort.

Additionally, Remani’s website is built on strong foundations leaving it open to cost effective upscaling if and when needed.

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