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Crown Gym

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This concept consists of a classic gym based in rural Cheshire undergoing a brand change. Crown Gym needed a new logo that retained the retro feel of their gym while incorporating a modern, timeless new look.

The Brief:

Crown Gym wanted to focus on bringing new faces to their gym – a younger generation. However they didn’t want to drive away the older audiences that have been members for a long time. The new logo needed to cater for this. The challenge was to accommodate a new look with a vintage ‘high-end’ feel.

Furthermore the logo needed a typeface, an icon and be functional for printing on and clothing.

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A beautiful, crisp logo that can be used in a variety of ways – all shown below. The logo uses a a modern san serif typeface for the gym name while a more traditional typeface displays the slogan. The icon is simple and versatile and conveys a strong yet stylish message. This logo really does encourages people of this small Cheshire town to take exercise as a serious yet fun lifestyle choice.

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