How can I make my website more trustworthy?

Statistically your website only has a few seconds to make an impression before users decide whether they are going to stay around, or hit the back button. More often than not, this can be the difference between a lead/sale or the loss of a potential paying client or customer. One key way to influence people to stay on your website, is upping the trust factor of your website. A trustable website conveys a trusted business resulting in more people willing to pay for your products or services. That being said, here are a few steps on how you can make your website more trustworthy…

SSL Certificate

One of the most effective ways to make your website more trusted is by adding an SSL Certificate to your domain. SSL stands for ‘Secure Socket Layer,’ a protocol which creates a secure connection between the user and the server where your website lives. The way users can see you have this extra layer of security is by looking at the url of your site where it will begin with ‘https’ as opposed to ‘http.’ Additionally, most web browsers today display SSL Certified websites with a ‘padlock’ icon next to the url indicating a website is secure. Getting an SSL is easy and has other advantages too such as helping your google rank. Get in touch with your web hosting provider to see how you can obtain your certificate, or alternatively you can enquire about our web hosting packages which offer SSL Certificates for new and existing domains. Please note that in the UK it is a legal requirement for any websites taking customer card and payment information, to have an SSL Certificate.


Make it easy for people to contact you

There’s nothing more doubtful and frankly annoying than surfing through a website and not being able to find a way to contact the website owner. Not only is this suicide on any form of sales tactic, but is a shade suspicious too. If you can’t email a business or call them, you are very unlikely to want their services or products and be even more skeptical about sending them any sort of information about yourself, even if its just your email. This is why it is crucial for you to highlight any contact information such a phone number, email address or if possible, your postal address. This means your customers can rest assured that they can reach you if needed and that you are a legitimate business. We recommend that you choose a landline number for your business as it adds a professional appeal and set up business emails with your domain as the extension.

Look Awesome!

Yes! Look freaking awesome! This is a less boring point than the previous two but just as important! Your website is your storefront on the internet. On the high street if a shop has bare walls and outdated signage outside, people will consider this as old, low quality and in turn, un-trustable. Just like a clean modern feel to a shop can enhance its creditability, a crisp, clear and modern design with clever and considered user experience can make your website more trustworthy. Combined with good branding and social media efforts, you have to ingredients to build a reputable image for your business which people will instantly identify and trust. This all leads to choosing the right web design and marketing team who understand all of these factors. You can get in touch with one such team to help your online presence here 😉

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