Difference between Web Designer & Web Developer

All over the internet you’ll see the terms ‘Web Designer” and “Web Developer” used very loosely. It seems where there is one, the other is not far behind to follow. In this article we will discuss the difference between a web designer & web developer, and how they have come to merge into one term.

Web Designer

Traditionally a web designer is someone who uses their graphic skills to create designs of your web pages. They will use photo editing software such as “photoshop” to give you a visual presentation of your website. A web designer will understand your business and combine this with marketing knowledge to design an effective website, that they feel will achieve it’s intended goals. Web designers may also create your logo and devise a branding guideline to use for the website itself.

Web Developer

Developers on the other hand, are the “builders” of a website. They receive designs from the latter and put them into practice using web coding languages such as HTML5, CSS3, Jquery, PHP etc. Developers tend to have a deeper understanding of how the internet and websites work, therefore provide a more technical insight into website functionality. However, they may not have the same marketing knowledge of a designer.


These two terms are now being known as “Web Designer Developer Hybrid.” With the internet becoming such a powerhouse in the business growth game, demand has lead to many designers and developers adapting. Roar Web Design predicts this new view to be the norm not too far in the future, meaning there will be no difference between a web designer & web developer ! The way businesses have adapted online has seen designers and developers become effective in both, visual aspects, as well as functional aspects of creating websites. This push of course benefits businesses everywhere, as they only need to recruit 1 single freelancer or company to execute their project! The design phase will always begin with development in mind, and development will always continue with design in mind, creating the perfect balance.



Roar Web Design provides bespoke web design, and development, not only in Warwickshire, but now also across the UK and even abroad!. Check out our services to see how we bring both ends of the spectrum together, to help grow your business online!

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