5 Signs of a bad web designer – part 2

In part 1 we discussed how vital it is to find the right web designer for your business. Regardless of how small or large your project is, you cannot afford to pick a webby with any of these bad qualities or habits! If you missed part 1 be sure to read it here, otherwise here are 5 more signs of a bad web designer…

The Headset Lady

This is a well known joke amongst web designers, which quite frankly, you need to know! If your web designer’s website has the infamous stock photo of an ‘attractive’ female with a headset on, indicating they are ready to take your call it just shows the bland taste in their palette. Even worse if they are using this on your website just know, that this won’t increase the number of users contacting you, contrary to what some bad web designers might claim.

All Design, No Development

A good web designer should never disregard functionality when it comes to any website. Every website should begin with a goal and functionality in mind, with design complementing those purposes. Your website needs to be easy to use and it is your web designer’s job to ensure this first and foremost when it comes to UX (user experience).


No bespoke solution

Bespoke websites are built from scratch and tailor for the exact needs of your website. If your web designer doesn’t offer a bespoke web design solution, this should be a huge red flag! If they can’t build a website from scratch, then I’m afraid they’re not web designers. Think about it, what’s the difference between you buying a theme or using a website builder and your web designer doing it? Nothing, instead you would have just paid someone to do something you could do yourself! Don’t put your project in the hands of someone who knows little to none more than you do. Roar Web Design does in fact offer a bespoke web design solution.

Yes, yes, ok, got it.

Does talking to your web designer feel like you’re talking to a brick wall? It can be concerning when your web designer is simply nodding and taking notes when you discuss your project. A good web designer will always be engaged in conversation and will be responsive to ensure you that they understand your ideas. If they aren’t asking enough questions, chances are they won’t understand the full scope of your project!


Your ‘gut’ feeling

Finally our last sign of a bad web designer is simply whether you feel they are all that good or not. What we have learned through this list is that while these points can hold exceptions, the best you can do is to be aware, be sceptical and trust your gut feeling! Be sure you are convinced before going ahead with a web designer because after all, it is a big investment which in most cases can define how well your business will perform in the coming months and years.


We hope you enjoyed this read and if you have any questions about our services or web design in general, please don’t hesitate to ask, get in touch here.  We take great joy in helping other businesses in any way that we can. Now you know a little better, make sure you share the knowledge, it may help someone else avoid a terrible web designer!

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